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Introduction of China Green University network(CGUN)

1. Background


The trend of making energy saving campus in China has already been initially formed.Up to now, more than 70 universities and colleges have been entitled as the model institution of campus building energy management system, which are funded by government. However, there are also several problems remain unsolved, for example, the baseline of campus construction energy consumption and the system of energy efficiency evaluation are still unavailable, the institutional energy efficiency management construction and the development of persistent mechanism remain unsupported by the scientific data. The transition fromenergy saving campuses to the all-round construction of green campuses still lacks the core leading, as well as the further research and application of current achievements, the cooperation of all sides, the integration of variety of sources and the study and construction of policy system, all these are waiting for the further promotion.


To strengthen the communication and cooperation in the construction of green campus, to establish a platform for sharing and complementation of experience and source, and to lead and promote the sustainable development of the construction of green campus, the proposed conference of CGUN was held on 10th March in Shanghai with the proposal of Tongji University and the participation of more than 10 members  including Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology, Jiangnan University, Tianjin University, Chongqing University, Shandong Jianzhu University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China Architecture Design and Research Group and Shenzhen institution of Building Research. After a serious discussion, all the organizations reached the agreement to establish the CGUN so as to enhance exchanges, integrate resources, provide suggestions for goverpolicy decision and promote the green campus construction of Chinese universities.


2. Alliance Purpose


The purpose of CGUN is to reinforce communication, integrateresources and enjoy the experience. Thus, our network can provide support for government policy decision, serve the whole society, deepen the construction of green campus and promote the development of green campus in China.


The primary missions of CGUN:


(1)Deepen the collaboration and communicationamong universities in the construction of green campus


(2)Offer advice for government’s policy decision in energy consumption management


(3)Promote the innovation, collaborative research and popularization of green architecture


(4)Cultivate advanced talents in green campus construction and green architecture energy consumption management


(5)Provide practice and demonstration base to develop the green campus culture


(6)Guide the development of green campus culture and construction


3. Alliance Expectation


A platform for sharing data of campus energy consumption should be established, to integrate variety of information and resources, and to lead all-round construction of green university in China. All these should be based on the core members of CGUN which are the first batch of demonstration schools of the energy saving campus construction with campus building energy management systems.


CGUN plans to develop herself into a network consists of about 100 colleges and universities in 3 years from the existing 8 institutionsand 2 design institutions which are now engaged in the preparation of CGUN. And we will try our best to make CGUN become an Asia Pacific union of green campus construction which covers the representative colleges and universities from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other Asia Pacific regions.


4. Secretariat


The secretariat is set up at the Green Building and New Energy Research Center of Tongji University.






Secretary of CGUN: Shuqin Chen (Ms.Dr.)



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